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Stefan Silvers is a graduate of Art Center College of Design, one of the country’s leading institutions for art and design. Stefan’s interest in film and photography began at the age of 13 with countless reruns of Blade Runner and David LaChapelle making headlines in America. Might even be why he loves his MTV. Armed with a camera and an imagination, Stefan experimented in both photography and film from his youth - adulthood. The result: a stylish trademark of color and contrast.

As a storyteller, Stefan is a dynamic visualist with a diverse background and profound talent for “combining” contemporary imagery  and vivid colors. During his many years of experience, Stefan has completed numerous award winning commercials, music videos, and even a feature film. He is also an accomplished fashion photographer. Stefan Silvers is currently  working  in Los Angeles, California. He is currently developing a photography for Taschen  entitled, “The Last Taco Stand” due out in 2018.